I know there has been some weird breaks in my posting, but college apps/school/work have me pretty tied up lately AND my tripod fell over in the wind and broke. I've had zero time to shoot any of my outfits lately, but here's an old photo set to keep me occupied until I catch up with my everything. 
This real leather jacket was scored recently at a vintage store on sunset, and it was ready to roll as soon as I slashed the shoulder pads out. I'm completely obsessed with the fringe, it adds so much drama and interest to an otherwise basic staple. For it's first time out I threw it on over some basic pieces and chunky heeled booties. I can't wait to pair this jacket with as many pieces as I possibly can, hopefully I'll break out of my comfort zone as I wear it more. 
jacket- Buffalo Exchange (vintage)
tee- H&M
shorts- Levi's (vintage)
bralette- Forever 21
boots- Steve Madden


Beige Cubed

Just my usual comfy grandma looks on a chilly Tuesday. In a rush out the door I just slipped on my favorite textured beiges, trousers, and superstars. The neutral color and slouchy shapes were balanced by a crop/high waist proportion and a million different textures blending into one comfy beige cloud. 
trousers- Vintage
crop top- thrifted
sweater- Vintage
necklace- NB Trendy
shoes- Adidas 


Suga Suga

I've been dealing with a rare cold since Wednesday, rare because I NEVER get sick. I have this weird mentality in which I'm convinced if I continue to dress cute and pretend like I'm not sick, it somehow won't happen. This was my last cute outfit before settling into trackpants and green tea for the rest of the week. 
Fall in LA is such a joke, I have to wear sleeveless turtlenecks to fool myself into thinking the weather is actually changing. I decided to play with silhouettes by pairing my mod sleeveless turtleneck with a long flowy kimono, majorly distressed jeans, and chunky platforms. Despite my sore throat and constant sniffles, I stayed comfy and somewhat confident throughout the warm and breezy day. 
kimono- Pacsun
jeans- Aeropostale (self-distressed)
turtleneck- thrifted
necklace- H&M
shoes- Chinese Laundry 


Not Sorry

I love turtlenecks so much it hurts. On weird, sunny-but-cold days like today, chunky knits and light skirts are my savior. 
I love pairing this lightweight skirt with heavy layers, they seem to bring out the delicacy. I probably wear this grey turtleneck way to often but what can I say, it's basic and cozy and irresistible. My vintage Calvin Klein denim jacket weighted it all down for warmth, and Docs toughened everything up as usual. I gotta say, this outfit was thrown together very last minute this morning but it might be one of my favorites. 
jacket- Calvin Klein (vintage)
turtleneck- Vintage
skirt- thrifted
boots- Dr. Martens



Finding the perfect pair of overalls is surprisingly difficult, and now that I've found them I'm never taking them off. I found these in the Sunset Junction Flea Market, an amazing little gem that I've driven by a hundred times but never explored until today. They fit like a glove, with distressed legs and double front pockets. I fell in love, and ran into the nearest store to change out of my shorts and into my new favorite piece.
overalls- Vintage
tee- H&M
bag- H&M
boots- Steve Madden 
bralette- Forever 21


Velvet Bamboo

I was not very photogenic today. Hence me looking in every direction other than into the camera. 
This amazing cold wave continues, as does my thick layering. This denim button down has been hiding in my closet for a while, I completely forgot how deeply I was in love with it. It's thickness is perfect for staying cozy, it's shape and color is perfect for layering, and it's velvet collar is perfect for adding a slight detail. My bamboo necklace was tucked in to add some femininity to this chunky outfit, and black skinnies with oxfords balanced out the heaviness. 
cardigan- Dior
denim shirt- Vintage
necklace- Forever 21
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Dr. Martens 


Think (more) Pink

Life update: it's fuzzy sweater weather in LA and my hair is bright pink!
Sorry for not posting in a few days, but I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! 
Suddenly the clouds and snuggly weather has arrived, so I'm gravitating towards my fuzzy sweaters to layer and layer and layer. This grey dream is one of my favorites, it was made for putting over collared shirts. This tuxedo-collar sleeveless is another one of my layering favorites, the collar shape is so distinct and the length leaves the tails peeking out of any sweater. My trusty leather skirt is yet another layering favorite of mine, it's simplicity and texture add edge to any basic look.
sweater- thrifted
collared shirt- Urban Outfitters
skirt- Urban Outfitters
booties- Steve Madden