WEARING: Urban Outfitters trousers, thrifted tee, Chinese Laundry platforms
I had a pretty rough morning and was in a very bad mood, until I opened up my blog and saw that I've reached 25k readers. So so so much love to each and every person reading this, you make my world turn.
Two of the things I love most in this world combined into one outfit, monochrome color palates and trousers. Wearing slightly different shades of the same tone create such an interesting dimension, it makes a huge statement by being so simple. I've bought several new pairs of trousers lately, including these cropped straight-legged beauties. Trousers just create the perfect look every time- they can be paired with almost anything, while adding more detail than simply wearing jeans. A beautiful blend of masculine and feminine, formal and informal, comfortable and completely put together. I just can't get enough.



WEARING: thrifted turtleneck, Urban Outfitters jeans, Adidas sneakers, Forever 21 necklace
Here's an oldie that I never got around to posting, I was probably drowning in homework or falling asleep at the keyboard (I do this more often than I'd like to admit). 
This turtleneck is a 90's vintage-y dreamboat, it's loud stripes scream athleisure, but are toned down when paired with simple supporting pieces. Expect to see this baby paired with many new things when the weather cools, preferably lots and lots of mom jeans. 



WEARING: Urban Outfitters skirt and cardigan, Forever 21 necklace, Dr. Martens boots
I looked like a teacher from Matilda today and I am not complaining one bit. Urban Outfitters is having a huge sale, so naturally I went yesterday and had a surprising amount of luck. I came home with a huge haul, including my very own denim skirt, FINALLY. I've been on the hunt for a denim skirt forever, but I wanted this specific style while most stores only carry the button-down style. I finally have it, and I may never take it off. I let the mix of 70's/90's vibes flow with some basics, like a stiff white tee and grunge-y rusty cardigan. For finishing touches, a contrast of Docs and a gold statement necklace were all I needed to complete this modern throwback look.



WEARING: Urban Outfitters jumpsuit and top, Chinese Laundry sandals, H&M necklace
I'm constantly surprised by the versatility of jumpsuits, especially as I delve deeper and expand my collection to unique shapes and prints like this beautiful piece. 
I was instantly drawn to this Urban Outfitters jumpsuit, the wide legs and intricately woven back (not pictured, but I promise it's cool) captured my attention right away. Floral prints aren't usually my forte, but I feel at home within dark or oversized patterns that still create the slightest edge. To keep comfortable and sexist-dress-code-appropriate, I threw on my favorite slouchy top to let out just a peep of the sunflower clad top. The insanely wide legs create a sunny 70's vibe, so of course I had to pair them with platform sandals. My legs felt miles long, and I was ridiculously comfortable without feeling too slouchy. 



WEARING: Topshop dress, Adidas shoes, NB Trendy/H&M necklaces, Colourpop "Limbo" Ultra Matte lipstick 
Yes, I'm aware that "As IF" has been the title of every even slightly 90's-inspired look I've worn on this blog. I'm allowed to be basic in some moments, and quoting the hell out of Clueless is one of them. 
This dress is literally straight out of the P.E. scene in Clueless, open another tab and Google it right now if you don't already know what I'm talking about. I'm obsessing over the clean color scheme and shape, a sewn-in t-shirt layer creates just enough of an athletic vibe without going too into the 90's. Naturally, I had to roll with my athleisure addiction by adding some little but powerful touches. First off were my Superstars, which instantly add a dose of sporty to any outfit while remaining fashion-forward. All else I needed were two delicate gold necklaces, a sleek low bun, and some grunge-tastic brown lipstick. 



WEARING: Vintage tee, vintage skirt, Hot Topic tights, Dr. Martens boots, H&M necklaces 
It's really here, Kobe Bryant's last game as a Laker. I've been watching Kobe play my entire life, either on TV or sitting in Staple's Center, and it doesn't feel real that I won't be able to cheer for him anymore. Thank you, Kobe, for giving your everything to basketball and the city of LA. My city and myself would not be the same without you. 
It only felt right that I wear my vintage Lakers tee with some 90's flair today, in the suddenly perfect LA weather. Sunny, warm, and not too breezy; part of me wants to spin around in flowy dresses while part of me is well aware that this perfect balance never lasts long.  



WEARING: Dr. Marten oxfords, thrifted top, Urban Outfitters jeans, American Apparel backpack, Target socks
My feet have NEVER been happier. I have wanted these all-white Dr. Marten oxfords for years and years and years, I finally have them! They're just so uniquely beautiful, I have never seen anyone wearing them and they're basically a classier version of my tried and true white Superstars. Get ready to see these babies very often as I go through the painstaking process of breaking them in and pair them with literally everything in my closet. 
For their first time on the streets, I went as simple as possible to let my new loves stand out. Black cropped skinnies and some kale-printed socks were the framework for my oxfords, while a little detailed button-down and my American Apparel denim backpack was the only soft touch of color. 
You guys know the drill, I'll be staying at the core of my comfort zone with these shoes for awhile and then eventually transition as many colors/prints as I can possibly fit in one outfit. Stay tuned.