WEARING: Vintage slip dress, Vintage Nike windbreaker, Dr. Martens boots, Urban Outfitters bralette, Missguided bag
Took a spontaneous, much-needed day trip home to LA this Sunday. My friends and I drove through downtown in my convertible, blasting throwbacks and eating all my favorite LA foods along the way. Being back in the LA air pollution, surrounded by the creative energized spirit that I grew up in, was such a recharge for my soul. I never feel more myself than when I'm driving down Sunset Blvd, wearing my favorite light pieces, sipping on a Habitat iced vanilla latte. 
Anyways, I clearly have spent too much time apart from my hometown because I completely forgot about it's lack of seasons. I'm so deeply obsessed with the slipdress/underwear as ourterwear trends lately, it invites so much opportunity for layering and experimenting while carrying a light 90's vibe. I was way too excited to break out my new slipdress and way to excited for any hint of Fall's arrival. This lacy nightgown is my most recent thrift score, it's airiness begged for a cool-weather contrast thrown on top. My huge Nike bomber anchored all the feathery silk and lace, and it was easy to let one shoulder fall when things got too warm. 



WEARING: DIY tee, Vintage Levi's shorts, Adidas superstars, Missguided bag
Stressful weeks call for oversized tees and extremely late coffee runs. DIY bleaching is my new obsession, I have way too many bleached tees and I'll definitely rack up more before this phase fades out. They can be dressed down with trackpants and slides, or dressed up with leather pants and statement necklaces, or taken right down the middle like I typically demonstrate. A satin choker and heavy bucket bag add slight glam effect, while my go-to frayed cutoffs and superstars ground everything from getting too swanky. After all, this outfit was literally just worn to sit in class and grab some overpriced coffee. My life is almost too exciting. 



WEARING: Dressfo top, Urban Outfitters jeans, Zara flats, Missguided bag, NB Trendy necklace
The cutest, sunniest Sunday spent frolicking through my first San Diego farmer's market experience! I'd give it a 10/10- my friends and I were blissfully surrounded by flowers and food and the cutest dogs. ALSO! The cute little smiley sunflower in the last picture is my roommate/personal photographer for a lot of my posts, so hop on her Insta @kayleekepple and show some love. 
So far I've discovered that Fall is as nonexistent in SD as it is in LA. I'm not complaining though, the longer I can wear flouncy tops and huge sunnies the better. 



WEARING: Urban Outfitters skirt, Vintage top, Vintage belt, Missguided bag, Adidas shoes
Quick little outfit for an almost-successful Halloween costume shopping trip. Why is it that the most normal clothing items become impossible to find as soon as Halloween season hits???? I just want some beige pants world, why is this so hard??? 



WEARING: Vintage skirt, Vintage GAP top, Urban Outfitters bralette, NB Trendy necklace, Missguided bag, Dr. Martens oxfords
Just a quick little combo of basics for a coffee trip/Whaley House date day that resulted in a new addition to my SD coffee shop arsenal and some weird live photos that I'm 10000% sure involve a ghost. 
This black mini is the first building block to almost every single outfit that takes me from day to night. Certain tops take it instantly to night-territory, but the right layering can get me through the day and beyond without having to think twice. A beige textured tank kept it casual, with my trusty bralette peeking out as always (what did I even do before discovering bralettes???). For accessories I went easy and slick: brand new black sunnies, the absolute best choker/necklace, a single gold bangle, and clunky oxfords to offset any chicness. 



WEARING: Vintage dress, Public Desire sandals, Forever 21 bracelet
Satin is my second skin. Something about satin feels so luxurious and mysterious; it's liquid gold captured within a textile. On one of my first San Diego thrift adventures, I got lucky enough to score this shell colored boxy beauty. I fell hard for it's sleepwear vibes, muted colors, and general flowyness that always capture my heart within a dress. For it's first time on the streets I went with only tan accessories, i.e. my suede choker and strappy buckled sandals. I practically floated through the day thanks to this dress, aside from the uncomfortable mix of San Diego humidity and satin's lack of ventilation. Yikes. 



 WEARING: Vintage top, Vintage Calvin Klein jacket, Urban Outfitters jeans, Adidas shoes
Mondays (a.k.a. five classes in a row) suck a little less when I'm armed with palm print and a big gulp almond vanilla latte. I've always gravitated to palm tree print for little accents, but this huge button-down fell into my life whilst thrifting and I knew it was time to go all in. I took it home and chopped it in half, and the rest is history. The DIY'd weird proportion fit oh so perfectly with some high waisted cropped skinnies, leaving just enough midriff and just enough ankle. My two favorite staples, vintage Calvin denim jacket and white Superstars, stood out within the moody color palate and kept me feeling light within 100% humidity all day. Yes, 100% humidity is a thing. LA please come save me!!