Suited Up

wearing: vintage jumpsuit, Dior cardigan, Chinese Laundry platform sandals, NB Trendy and H&M necklaces 
Jumpsuits make me so happy, it's a whole outfit in one! Laziness, cured. Every time. 
This little flowered piece was scored in a vintage store on Sunset, it fit so perfectly I couldn't resist. The soft color, floral print, and lace-up action are perfect ingredients for a versatile yet unique 90's piece. 
For this coldish and ridiculously windy day, I went for comfort and simplicity with my Dior cardigan, platform sandals, and layered necklaces. I can't wait to break this out once the temps get warmer, all by itself with just a few accessories to complement. 


My Interview With Bellovella is Up!!

SURPRISE!!! I told you something big was coming, and it's been so hard to hold this in, but I had my first official interview!! This lovely company Bellovella reached out to me and chose to interview me in their series of This Generation's Inspiring Women. This is the first time I've ever been interviewed about this blog, and I am so unbelievably honored to have been chosen to represent this generation of beautiful, empowering girl bosses. Bellovella was the absolute sweetest to me, and I hope to continue working with them in the future! 
Once again, I just want to thank you all for everything that you do. This blog has grown into something that I never even imagined possible-I now reach over 21,000 of you all over the world along with companies that I only dreamed of working with. Fashion is truly my greatest love, and this little family I've grown because of this blog has done nothing but grow my passion over these few years. Thank you for your endless support, I wouldn't be even close to where I am now without every single person who has read this blog. I love you all endlessly. 
Read my interview HERE, and don't forget to check out Bellovella's site! 


Commanding Officer

wearing: Urban Outfitters skirt, Urban Outfitters henley, Celebrity Pink moto jacket, H&M necklaces, Steve Madden boots
Wow, shocker, me in more neutrals! Yesterday was such a lazy day that I could put on nothing other than my comfiest henley. I pulled out my corduroy skirt for the first time in awhile, it's thickness and texture makes it perfect for cold-ish days. For little edgy touches, I just threw on my moto and chelsea boots and a gazillion necklaces. The mixture of henley/corduroy/leather made things interesting and cozy, while the neutral palate kept everything muted. 


Staying Neutral

wearing: Vintage Calvin Klein jacket, thrifted top, Urban Outfitters jeans, Dr. Martens oxfords, NB Trendy necklace
I've been sticking my most basic basics lately, mostly because stress levels have been high and I just don't have time for anything else. Luckily black jeans, a striped shirt, and a denim jacket will never ever be out of style. 
This heavy sweater-t-shirt (?) is one of the best things I've thrifted; it can be paired with anything and it's heavenly soft. When in doubt, I just throw it over my cropped black skinnies and oxfords for a simple and chic boyish look. My vintage Calvin jacket was my only needed protection against the scary LA winter. Seriously, it was over 70 degrees today. How can I ever leave this city?!



wearing: Vintage trousers, thrifted turtleneck, Vintage sweater, Dr. Martens oxfords
This has been a beyond crazy week. My phone's been acting up, I had to plan a ton of stuff for school, and I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick again. Yikes. 
Here's a look from earlier this week, I piled on all the cozy neutrals I could find. It began, as usual, with my beloved grey trousers. Tucked in was a simple beige turtleneck, and thrown on top was a fuzzy green cardigan that I just might be obsessed with right now. My cross choker and oxfords were the only touches I needed to create a simple, edgy, easy vibe. 


Soccer Mom

wearing : vintage Levi's, vintage turtleneck, Christian Dior cardigan, New Balance shoes
I did it! I bought a real pair of mom-jeans! I have been looking for some vintage Levi's forEVER, for years I scoured every thrift store but they're never in my size. Finally, in San Francisco and giddy from getting my Black Friday paycheck, I splurged on a legit vintage pair in a legit vintage store. They are so so comfy, and I already know I'll be pairing them with everything in my closet. For their first spin a simple yet sporty outfit with a turtleneck, cardigan, and New Balances was enough to let the jeans stand out. 


Blankets on Blankets

wearing: Vintage coat, Urban Outfitters top, Forever 21 bralette, Aeropostale self-distressed jeans, Steve Madden booties
The only two things you need to know about this coat- it cost $3, and it feels like I am constantly being hugged by a big cozy blanket. What a score. It seemed only appropriate to pair this beautiful new find with some basic but interesting pieces, like my peek of bralette and majorly slashed jeans, to maintain a casual Cali winter vibe.