WEARING: Dressfo top, Vintage Levi's jeans, Public Desire shoes
This is one of my favorite looks of mine, maybe it's because of the light colors and general dreamy-ness or maybe it's just because I'm feeling spiffy in my brand new shoes. 
I've been looking for this top FOREVER, and I finally found it thanks to Dressfo! I'm not a personal fan of strapless tops because I'm a bit broad shouldered and the not-so-proud owner of a million different tan lines, but something about this flowy, soft, simple piece just speaks to me. I'm already picturing it with a thousand different combinations for a thousand different vibes, let's hope I can wear the heck out of it before temperatures drop. For it's first time out, I went with an all-light color palate with some delicate necklaces, my favorite jeans, and some strappy new Public Desire sandals. Shoutout to me for buying shoes that aren't just black or white! 
Find my top here



WEARING: Urban Outfitters skirt, thrifted+DIY tee, Zara flats, Missguided bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses 
I recently read a blog post about "The LA Cool Girl's Uniform" in which a man sitting in the Grove noticed a pattern among every stylish woman who walked by. The formula was: denim cutoffs/skirt+black/white tee+black flats/white sneakers. I admit that after reading that post, I stalked my own Instagram (@ostermangio) and realized that I literally wear that formula almost every single day. I simultaneously hate myself and love myself for it. 
Build your own Cool Girl concoction below! 



WEARING: Zaful jacket, Tommy Hilfiger tee, Urban Outfitters jeans, Vintage belt, Missguided bag, Adidas shoes, JORD watch
When in doubt, all black with a lil pop of white. This outfit was so ridiculously easy it felt like I left the house in pajamas. The base was simple: my favorite staple jeans with the world's softest tee and my only black belt (my belt collection is a work in progress). Thrown on top was my new baby, this Zaful leather jacket, as part of my lengthy quest to break it in. I've had my other leather jacket for years and it's so perfectly flexible and broken in, I can't wait until this jacket gets to that level. 
In an all-black outfit I only needed 3 touches of lightness in the bottom, middle and top. On the bottom, my stark white Superstars for the most dramatic contrast within the look. In the middle, my JORD wooden watch that always subtly makes a statement. On top, my tan suede choker that was scored deep within the Melrose Trading Post and has been worn nearly every day since. 



WEARING: Vintage Levi's jeans, GAP tee, Vintage sweater, Adidas sneakers
Yesterday I sat in a golden field and watched a sunset from above the clouds, and it might be the coolest thing I've ever done. 
Going grandma in my Vintage jeans and chunkiest sweater was the perfect choice for this day of exploration. Soft colors in soft layers is such a dreamy situation and a cozy break from my usual crisp pieces in dark tones. 



WEARING: American Apparel sweater, GAP denim button-down, Urban Outfitters jeans, Steve Madden booties, Missguided bag
A final romp in San Francisco as the days wind down towards this summer's end. I wore this outfit in 65 degree weather, which is borderline freezing for my LA genes, and literally everyone around me breezed by in shorts and tank tops. Not only that, but they looked at me weird for wearing a layered outfit! Is 65 degrees not cold?! I respect their bodies for accommodating to the upside down weather here, but please let me wear a cozy knit in peace. I absolutely love being up here in the Summer. The days are clear and beautiful with frigid temperatures, and watching the fog roll in every evening is something straight out of an aesthetically pleasing horror movie. 
The key to SF dressing is layers, and the key to layering is to use pieces that you wouldn't mind standing on their own. My favorite knit sweater is usually thrown on top of a cute button down, therefore it can be easily taken off if needed without ruining the whole look. My black skinnies+Steve Madden booties are one of my easiest and most loved combinations, they serve as the perfectly chic base for anything that happens to be going on above them. 



WEARING: Vintage pants, Forever 21 top, thrifted belt, Chinese Laundry platforms, Missguided bucket bag
I'm a sucker for cool pants. Some people are addicted to gambling, some people are addicted to smoking, I'm addicted to buying pants. Black pants are a whole other dilemma, because they're so subtle and easy to wear even when snazzed up with detailing. This embroidered pair is one of my Summer favorites, they are crazy comfortable and swish swish swish when I walk (a very important factor when it comes to pants in my world). It's easy to be a moody angsty all-black-wearing teen in the Summer, all you need is some weather updated basics in light materials. You're welcome to all the moody angsty all-black-wearing teens out there. 



WEARING: thrifted dress, NB Trendy necklace, Forever 21 bracelet, Missguided bag, Adidas sneakers
As promised, here is my road trip look from Friday's adventures! Something easy, breathable, and comfy for hours of car dancing, walking, and ostrich feeding. 
Not-So-Fun fact: this dress was accidentally stolen from someone else's cart in the thrift store, but by the time I had realized my mistake I was far too in love with the dress to even consider returning it to it's original owner. I then hid in a corner of the store until they left, and the rest is history.