WEARING: Vintage overalls, American Apparel tank top, Adidas shoes
After what feels like forever, I'm back in my favorite overalls! I wish I was more experimental with the blue/white stripes, but I always find myself drawn to the simpler side and grabbing a plain white shirt to layer underneath. In this case it's my DIY chopped tank. A slept-in bun went with the laid back vibe that overalls always flawlessly carry, while some piled on necklaces and a lil more makeup than usual kept things from getting too sloppy. As for my overalls and I, we have definitely revived our relationship and will be hitting the town much more often.



WEARING: Vintage Levi's jeans, Vintage top, Vintage belt, Missguided bag, Zara shoes
Nothing but fun exploring my soon-to-be home. I'm more than excited to have my own city to map out, completely new to me, making new friends and memories in this huge change in my life. And the coffee places! Sooo many. It's just now hitting me that I have less than a month left before leaving for college, so now I'm gonna go frantically make lists of every possible LA thing I need to do before moving. 



WEARING: Pacsun kimono, Vintage top, Vintage belt, Vintage Levi's shorts, Chinese Laundry sandals
Mixing and matching pieces from some of my most recent and comfiest outfits. This kimono is such a no-brainer outfit maker, it adds a dose of drama and lets me happily float through the day. My newest discovery was proven within this outfit: high waisted short shorts+platforms=longest legs I've ever had. 



WEARING: Free People top, Vintage Levi's shorts, Vintage belt, Steve Madden booties, Ray-Ban Sunglasses 
Easy, flowy, comfy pieces to distract from the 20 layers of sweat covering my entire body. There aren't enough iced lattes in the world to keep me from melting today, all my LA readers know what's up. Stay cool, bask in your AC, and try not to leave your house unless you're headed to an igloo/ice skating rink/pool.



WEARING: Calvin Klein pants, Forever 21 crop top, Chinese Laundry sandals, Forever 21 bag
A week or so ago at the Greystone Mansion, one of the prettiest places with nothing but blooming roses and killer views. 
Wearing pants during the Summer in LA is such a ridiculous concept to me that I sometimes forget that I own a single pair. I'm so conditioned to grabbing my Levi's shorts or a breezy dress to combat the heat, but there are plenty of ways to rock your favorite pants even in high temps. The key is balance: long pants+crop top=not feeling suffocated by your own clothing. Keeping things light and minimal on top gives you freedom to brush off your full length jeans any time of year.
Try it out this week (or maybe not, you know, the whole "hottest week of the year" thing) and let me know what you wear on insta!! 



WEARING: Zaful top, Urban Outfitters pants, Adidas shoes, JORD watch 
Heck yeah I went back to the light tunnel, at night, and it was 10000000x cooler. It's now easily one of my favorite places in this entire city. 
Another summer, another adventure to Chinatown Summer Nights fest. I finally got my hands on this top from Zaful and have been dying to break it out, but I decided to stray away from my usual black-on-navy default mode and mix some color into my look. That much needed dose of color was provided by my brick Urban Outfitters trousers, whose interesting color and shape always spice up whatever vibe I'm trying to achieve. Superstars adhered to the slightly sporty/mod feel of this top, and my JORD watch was as usual the only accessory I needed to reach for. Fast forward a few hours, I'm happily sipping on almond milk tea boba and waiting in line for a sushi burrito while my best friend plays Pokemon Go next to me. I'm really not ready to leave this magical whirlwind of a summer behind. 



WEARING: Zaful swimsuit, vintage Calvin Klein jacket, Steve Madden booties, Forever 21 earrings, Colourpop "Vice" Ultra Matte Lipstick 
Okay, you all KNOW I am not a fan of showing a ton of skin. But I mean, this bathing suit. I was so instantly drawn to it's detailed, minimal beauty. I plan on wearing this baby to the beach and beyond with some easy layering that takes it into street-appropriate territory. It may even make it's way into my Coachella suitcase. Who knows?! I'm excited. 
Photos once again taken by my love Isabella, @_roonie on the gram. Most pictures from this shoot are ONLY going to be posted on my Instagram @ostermangio
Also, Zaful is having a super cool Insta-giveaway so I thought I'd share it with you guys! It's basically a contest equivalent to finding your name on a souvenir keychain/license plate/mug, something I've never excelled at. Deets below, enter after following me (@ostermangio) and @zaful. 

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