WEARING: Vintage skirt, Vintage GAP top, Urban Outfitters bralette, NB Trendy necklace, Missguided bag, Dr. Martens oxfords
Just a quick little combo of basics for a coffee trip/Whaley House date day that resulted in a new addition to my SD coffee shop arsenal and some weird live photos that I'm 10000% sure involve a ghost. 
This black mini is the first building block to almost every single outfit that takes me from day to night. Certain tops take it instantly to night-territory, but the right layering can get me through the day and beyond without having to think twice. A beige textured tank kept it casual, with my trusty bralette peeking out as always (what did I even do before discovering bralettes???). For accessories I went easy and slick: brand new black sunnies, the absolute best choker/necklace, a single gold bangle, and clunky oxfords to offset any chicness. 



WEARING: Vintage dress, Public Desire sandals, Forever 21 bracelet
Satin is my second skin. Something about satin feels so luxurious and mysterious; it's liquid gold captured within a textile. On one of my first San Diego thrift adventures, I got lucky enough to score this shell colored boxy beauty. I fell hard for it's sleepwear vibes, muted colors, and general flowyness that always capture my heart within a dress. For it's first time on the streets I went with only tan accessories, i.e. my suede choker and strappy buckled sandals. I practically floated through the day thanks to this dress, aside from the uncomfortable mix of San Diego humidity and satin's lack of ventilation. Yikes. 



 WEARING: Vintage top, Vintage Calvin Klein jacket, Urban Outfitters jeans, Adidas shoes
Mondays (a.k.a. five classes in a row) suck a little less when I'm armed with palm print and a big gulp almond vanilla latte. I've always gravitated to palm tree print for little accents, but this huge button-down fell into my life whilst thrifting and I knew it was time to go all in. I took it home and chopped it in half, and the rest is history. The DIY'd weird proportion fit oh so perfectly with some high waisted cropped skinnies, leaving just enough midriff and just enough ankle. My two favorite staples, vintage Calvin denim jacket and white Superstars, stood out within the moody color palate and kept me feeling light within 100% humidity all day. Yes, 100% humidity is a thing. LA please come save me!! 



WEARING: Adidas tank, Vintage jacket, Vintage skirt, Adidas shoes
Why I love college: Thursdays are the new Friday. My girls and I have no classes so naturally Thursdays involve waking up at noon, doin' adult-y things like laundry, discovering new coffee shops, and hunting for the perfect vintage Levi's. This particular Thursday was an amazing one: iced vanilla bean latte, breaking in some new sunnies, and dancing my heart out at a Local Natives concert. For pre-concert-getting-ready prep, I swapped a full face of makeup for nothing but glossy lips and oversized mirrored sunglasses. 
I'm not sure what has rekindled my adoration for this jacket, but I seriously cannot stop throwing it on top of everything before I walk out the door. This bomber+jersey combo is nothing new to giosterman.com, but a miniskirt added some girliness along with the sporty florals. It's light enough to grab on a Summer day but warm enough to keep me warm as the sun sets and temperatures drop. It's pastel enough to add a dose of femininity but edgy enough to blend with all of my other pieces. I'm so in love. 
Today's homework: get to digging through your closet. Clean out the clothes that you no longer wear simply because it's a good habit to keep. During this process you may rediscover some once-loved gems that were lost under layers of dustbunnies, and break them back into your daily looks. 



WEARING: Vintage tee, Vintage trousers, Dr. Martens oxfords, Missguided bucket bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Forever 21 bangle
Oh my goodness I am SO SO SORRY for not posting! I've been so terribly busy with juggling school and exploring around my new city, unfortunately camera-free. Plus, if I'm being honest with myself and the mere 29k of you guys, my going-to-class outfits have been hella weak. Graphic tees have been my go-to's, thank goodness my obsession with the Lakers and old rock bands provide me with a pretty steady inventory. Slipping on some trousers instead of leggings is almost as comfortable, and does wonders for dressing up any worn out tee. Add some glam necklaces balanced with boyish oxfords and a Nutella cold brew, I'm ready to nonchalantly sit surrounded by succulents and think about life's current bliss. 



WEARING: Vintage shortalls, Dressfo top, Zara flats
San Diego, you're treating me too well. In the past week I've experienced so many amazing people, delicious iced lattes, and my newfound ability to tan several shades darker in just a few days. What more do I need? 
A day of exploring calls for my absolute favorite overalls, everything about them makes me want to romp around and see what there is to see. For a trendy twist, I slipped them on top of my new Dressfo top. The glam/not so glam vibe was complemented by just a couple chokers and my go-to studded flats. 



WEARING: Yeezus Merchandise tee, Vintage skort, Adidas sneakers, JORD Watch
When life gets crazy and college is a whirlwind so all you can do is wear your best t-shirt and enjoy every second. I've never felt as happy/social/peaceful/excited as I have been in the past few days, so many new things are happening and I couldn't be more appreciative of each moment that has been making me so genuinely happy to be alive lately. 
How could I not wear all my favorite things at once in a mood like this?! Black on black on black on white.