Leave it to me to dip into Summer's biggest trend just as fall hits. Midi skirts were a movement that I didn't see myself getting into, but this little number found on a $3 rack changed my whole mindset. Since the sun is still shining and temperatures are still reaching mid 90's, I figured it would be acceptable to go all-out floral. A white crop top was a perfect proportion to the high waisted skirt, along with a couple thin necklaces. Clear jellies served as the unique neutral they always are, and my hefty Calvin denim jacket thrown over my shoulders weighed everything down. 
But lets be honest, in n out is always the best accessory. 
skirt- Vintage
top- H&M
jacket- Calvin Klein
shoes- Juju Jellies



80's mom-at-a-parent-teacher-conference realness.
I very very rarely wear all body-hugging pieces, I usually stick to letting one feature stand out while slouching fabric over the rest. However, the possibility of a seashell pastel color palate was too good to pass up. 
Button-front skirts are having quite a moment right now, the 70's vibe is in and I couldn't be more obsessed. However, a vivid pink color bring it up a few decades. A plain white longsleeve contrasted perfectly, pink made the white brighter and white made the pink bolder. Superstars were another pop of crisp white, as well as contributing to the sporty/throwback feel. My American Apparel backpack was a perfect pastel to match, and one chunky gold necklace was all I needed to make a statement. 
skirt- Urban Outfitters
shirt- Forever 21
shoes- Adidas
backpack- American Apparel
necklace- H&M


Get Ripped

Casual days mean sporty basics and comfy denim. 
I'm such a fan of Adidas' ability to ride the line between fashion and athletic wear-I sport this top on hikes as well as with some of my favorite glam pieces. Majorly self-ripped boyfriend jeans are a comfy break from my usual skirt routine and still let me show a little leg. Finally, platform sandals keep everything from getting too slouchy.
top- Adidas
jeans- Aeropostale
shoes- Chinese Laundry  



Still forcing my wardrobe until Fall, although the weather has other plans. I'm going to suede and leather my heart out whether Mother Nature likes it or not.
My favorite part of fall dressing is mixing simple neutrals in interesting textures. Hopefully you've learned my obsession with texture by now, I will literally buy anything that has an unexpected feel to it and mix it with any other textures I possibly can. Textures add dimension and quality to a look, expertly mixing fabrics can amp any outfit up to the next level. 
This suede A-line skirt has become such a staple in my closet, and I know it's only going to get better as the weather cools down. A featherweight tank over a lace bralette softened the suede, and an oversized linen button-down served as a touch of print. I adore this choker because it toughens everything up, and Steve Madden booties mold with anything. Super simple yet intricate, and irresistibly comfy. 

skirt- vintage
top- H&M
bralette- Forever 21
button down- vintage
choker- vintage
booties- Steve Madden


Subway Surfers

Another amazing day off of school spent adventuring my city, completely car-free. One of my best friends and I spent the entire day riding the Metro, from Grand Central Market to Little Tokyo to Pasadena. Once again, so unbelievably grateful to have grown up in Los Angeles. As I get older I'm appreciating the diversity and acceptance this city offers, and being raised in the middle of it has given me a perspective on life that I don't think I could get anywhere else. 
Happy first day of Fall! My favorite season has arrived, and I'm still dressing like it's July. Hopefully this heat will pass soon and I can celebrate in an explosion of knits and leather. 
For a day with no itinerary (which are usually the most fun), comfy basics are a must. These Urban shorts are everything I look for- unique yet neutral color, high waisted, and stretchy enough to jump around. A basic white tee let the terracotta color stand out, with black accents such as my little cross choker and easy-to-walk-in oxfords. My Steve Madden cross-shoulder bag spends way too much time unworn, it's so easy to wear and easily fits my camera/headphones/random receipts without losing shape. 

shorts- Urban Outfitters
tee- H&M
bag- Steve Madden
shoes- Dr. Martens
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters



Yeah I wear this jumpsuit too much, fight me. It's so irresistibly weightless-perfect for hot days when jeans just feel too heavy. A thin crushed velvet piece was the perfect dress code-appropriate coverup, and my "Aries" necklace was a single touch of delicacy. Jelly shoes provided the pop of unexpected while still serving as a neutral, a purpose I never expected but deeply appreciate.

jumpsuit- Urban Outfitters
top- Vintage
shoes- Juju Jellies
necklace- NB Trendy 


Mixed Mediums

My dearest Los Angeles, can we PLEASE drop the temps a little?! Just a little??? It's hard to plan my Halloween costume when I'm still sweating on the walk to my car. 
Persistent heat leads me to flowy boho pieces that normally don't jive with my style. Shoutout to my aunt for letting me steal her top! The hodgepodge on top and thin cloud on bottom is a dream you can put on your body. Because I can't completely stray from my basics, my leather skirt grounded the boho cloud. 

top- Free People
skirt- Urban Outfitters
sandals- Chinese Laundry